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Later influence paragraph is vague and incomplete[edit]

It is written than Babylonian traditions/myths/religions influenced a lot of others cultures (Semites, Greeks, Romans, etc). But there is something that I dont see and it tickles me. If :

- semites (including proto-hebrews) were a big part of the tribes that composed Babylonia,

- before being under a "unified" monarchy, Babylonia had been influenced by its tribal origins,

- Sumeria and Babylonia were among the most advanced/developed civilizations of their times,

Shall we conclude that these semites traditions/myths/religions were carried out by those tribes, then developped to form the so-called Mesopotamian religion ? After all, Babylonians could just be the first to have written them down. (unfortunately for us, oral tradition was the rule before the alphabet !)

interesting source : (I dont agree with all the articles of the site though)