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Welcome on my homepage!

I am coming from Québec, more specifically from a small town south of Montréal. I am interested in a lot of subjects, the list of which is too long to be shown here! One thing in certain: I surely do like to learn! That's why Wikipedia is such a wonderful idea to me, where people can share international knowledge, what the web should be all about! Nevertheless, I will try to focus my attention on certain topics, mainly science (in general, but specifically physics), music, literature and history. Of course, other topics will be added to this list as time goes on.

As a Wikipedia user, I will mainly translate articles from English to French (and maybe German if I ever happen to master this bloody language!). I also try to correct mistakes here and there and maybe create new articles about subjects that I know about.

Don't hesitate to leave me messages in my discussion page!

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