Laholm Party

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Laholm Party

LeaderJan Norrman
HeadquartersHumlegången 1B, Laholm
IdeologyLocal interest
European affiliationNone
European Parliament groupNone

Laholm Party (Swedish: Laholmspartiet) a local political party in Laholm, Sweden. LP is one of many local parties that surged after the downfall of New Democracy.[1] LP was founded in 2002 by Elver Åkesson, the last person in Sweden to be elected as a municipal councillor of behalf of New Democracy, Bertil Johansson and Svend Nielsen.[2]

In the 2002 municipal elections LP got 382 votes (2.8%) and one seat in the municipal council.

Party president is Jan Norrman since December 2004. Norrman succeeded Åkesson, who resigned as party president and municipal councilor after accusations of misuse of party funds. Åkesson's seat in the council was taken over by Bertil Johansson.[3]

In the 2006 municipal elections the party got 647 votes (4.6%) and two seats.[4] After the 2006 elections the party entered into cooperation with the Sweden Democrats regarding distribution of committee seats.[5] Svend Nielsen left the party in November 2006.[2]