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I posted this chapter without reading the preexisting chapters, and I think I'm stepping on other chapters' toes with the opening bit with the Margrets arriving. If you have any suggestions, leave them here on the talk page, and I'll try to incorporate them. Hermione1980 23:53, 29 May 2005 (UTC)

There are conflicts, but I think that may even be good at this point. We'll be able to compare stories and chose the most appropriate way to go. I think the fact the host (and victim) goes to bed early is the most debatable point. Since he was pretty drunk when Christopher arrived (Chapter 1), that may be a good reason. And your scene with Christopher acting as host could be moved to when/where the Margrets join the others after their late supper. We should start making a timeline maybe?? Sounds like some other editors listed on the discussion page are starting to read the material, so we should all get some feedback. I'm pleased to see some activity, in whatever fashion. Thanks for stepping in and starting to write. Please give comments on my chapter as well. WBardwin 06:08, 31 May 2005 (UTC)

said said[edit]

Story's cool - but how about looking in a thesaurus and getting some synonyms for the word "said". --Wonderfool t(c)e)